The rental vacancy rate in Davis is just under 4%, climbing up from an incredibly low 1% just five years ago. 5% is considered the ideal rate where there is a fair balance between tenant and landlord interest. Rates are expected to climb to 5% or more in 2012.
The majority of potential tenants we show our listings to say the same thing: they would much rather rent from a management company than a homeowner as they feel they will more likely be paying market rate rent and will receive better service.

It has unfortunately become a not so uncommon scam for landlords to rent their properties in foreclosure and to continue to collect rent on them long after the bank has foreclosed. At Paragon Properties, as licensed Realtors, we have quick and easy access to public records and can verify a property’s status in a matter of minutes. Even if you aren’t renting from us, we are happy to provide this service.

Thinking about becoming an investor?

August 1, 2011

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